Supported by numerous representatives of public life, in 2005 was started the establishment of the foundation. The foundation's capital in mid-2005 could be marked as complete. The founding meeting took place on 5 October 2005 and the foundation was on 29 August 2006 recognized.
In realization of the goals presented by the Foundation Statute five profile lines for the work of the Foundation have been established

05.01.2005         Decision establishing the Foundation Center for Peace Work - Otto - Lilienthal - Anklam by about 100                            promoters of the idea
May 2005          "A Monument in the Center of Peace" - joint event with Political Memoriale Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V.
15.08.2005         Beginning of an ABM measure of the gBQG "Usedom West" for Wehrmacht prison and military school
                           terminted o 14.02.2006. This was to eliminate vandalism and external use damage and legacies
                           as well as minor structural defects, wild vegetation, protection of the path system through
                           and outside the building, easy to work on restoration of the original condition of the rooms
11.09.2005         Event in the Wehrmacht prison for "Heritage Day", 1st Anklamer Peace Forum, Charity Concert
                          "War and Peace" with Barbara Thalheim, 350 visitors, including Adam (MP),
                          District Administrator Dr. Syrbe, Chancellor of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald
                          Dr. Behrens, Custodin Dr. Dahlenburg On the same day: lecture and guided tour of the
                           prison with three art history students from C.-D.-Frederick Institute of Culture
                           of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald in the presence of the
                           Director Prof. Lichtenau
05.10.2005         Establishment of the Foundation
                          Foundation Founder:
                          County OVP                        Landrätin Dr. Barbara Syrbe
                          Anklam                                Mayor Michael Galander
                          GWA Anklam                     Director Lothar Salzsieder
                          Campus GmbH                    Managing Director Horst Kleinhardt
                          ARE AG                             Jan Poleske
                          Remondis GmbH Ueckermuende       Jan Schäfer Rörig

                                                                        - Holger Meyer
                                                                        - Dieter Neuhaus
                                                                        - Alexander Vetter
                                                                        - Eckhard Schröder
Election of members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation
First election of the Board of the Foundation
08.11.2005        Visit of the Matthias Gürtler Canon cathedrial of Greifswald
15.11.2005         Two employees of ABM gBQG "Usedom West" are working in the new established office of the Foundation
                           in the Demminer Str 36, 17389 Anklam
18.11.2005         Press conference at Wehrmacht prison
26.11.2005         Information stand of the Centre for Peace at Christmas in Welzin
01.12.2005         Start of clearing in the military school by AB measures of gBQG "Usedom West"
02.-04.12.2005   Information booth for Anklamer Christmas Market, St. Nicholas Church
08.12.2005         2. Anklamer peace forum with Matthias Gürtler, Greifswald, Dr. sc Bernd P. Löwe Berlin and
                           Prof. Dr. Stephan Tanneberger in the Graphics + Design - School Anklam
26.04.2006         Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ministry for the Environment
                           Wolfgang Methling
08.05.2006         1. Anklamer Peace benefit concert with the artist Scarlett O 'and Jürgen Ehle (Songs) Geli Weiz (Jazz)                            Christian Haase (rock songs) in the Wehrmacht prison
19.05.2006         Anklamer peace forum with charity reading by the actor Alfred Müller from works by famous authors
31.08.2006         Anklamer Peace Forum "Europe and global peace policy" with EU parliamentarians Guest of Honour:
                           Prof. Vittorio Prodi, Member of the European Parlament and President of Monte Sole Peace
                           School Marzobotto / Bologna, Italy
01.09.2006         Anklamer Peace Forum "peace and nature" An evening with Kurt Kretschmann, pioneer of the German
                           Nature Conservation, "father of the Naturschutzeule" and with Prof. Michael Succow, winner
                           of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald
18.-19.11.2006    Information booth of the Christmas market in Wrangelsburg
23.-24.11.2006    Meeting with Dr. Alyson Bailes, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),                             Stockholm
02.12.2006         Information booth of the Christmas market in Welzin
08.-10.12.2006   Information booth of the Christmas market in Anklam, St. Nicholas Church
02.03.2007         Foundation Working Group "Anklamer peace forest"
12.05.2007        "If all the people of this earth ....." Charity concert by the singer-songwriter Bettina Wegner on your
                           Farewell tour and Karsten Troyke - on the occasion of the 2nd Anklamer Peace Day - in
                           the former Wehrmacht prison
04.06.2007       "Citizens' expectations of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm" Public panel discussion in the former Wehrmacht                           prison with Peter Ritter, state chairman of the Linkspartei / PDS, Matthias Gürtler, cathedrial
                          of Greifswald, Prof. Dr. Karl - Heinz Strech, West Pomeranian Regional Theatre Anklam,
                          Norbert Gehrke, parliamentary leader IfA Anklam Christian Bartelt, FDP District Assembly
15.06.2007        "Climate Change and Peace" Kick-off event for the creation of the Peace Forest Anklam with Al Gore's film
                          "An Inconvenient truth " followed by panel discussion with Prof. Karl-Heinz Bernhardt,
                          a meteorologist at the Leibniz-academy Berlin Dr. Marianne Linke, Lecturer in Agricultural
                          Meteorology. Planting of the first trees for thr Anklamer peace forest on the site of the former
                          Wehrmacht prison
07.07.2007        LIVE EARTH - A song goes round the world. Anklam joined the ranks of Al Gore's worldwide 24 hours
                          concert. Anklamer Boys Choir under the direction of Mike Hartmann and the actors
                         of theWestern Pomeranian Landesbühne Anklam Susanne Mitteis and Gerrit Hamann (moderator)
                         World Day of Peace, former Wehrmacht prison Anklam
01.09.2007        Ecumenical Service of the Churches of the City of Anklam Reading by the author from her bestseller Wibke                           Bruhns "My Father's Land" followed by panel discussion with the following participants:
                          Dr. Barbara Syrbe, Landrätin OVP Ullrich Adam, Member of Parliament,
                          Deputy National Chairman CDU Prof. Dr. Matthias Pfüller, political analyst, Chairman
                          of Political Memoriale e. V. Chair: Prof. Dr.Dr. Stephan Tanneberger, University of Bologna
17.09.2007        Meeting between Minister of Education Henry Tesch and the Board of Foundation in the former
                         NS-Wehrmacht prison
28.09.2007        "You must never say that you called Rachmil" Reading with the Flemish writer Rosine De Dijn within the Week                           "Democracy and Tolerance" and panel discussion with the following participants:
                          Sigrid Keler, Finance Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
                         Dr. H.C. William Wolff, country rabbi, Andreas Wagner, Historian, Political Memoriale eV,
                         Nina Stange, spokeswoman for the students Picht-school Pasewalk Chair:
                          Prof. Dr. Stephan Tanneberger, University of Bologna in the former
                          NS-Wehrmacht prison Anklam
13.10.2007        Big symphony concert as the final event of the Usedom Music festivals in the power of the
                          Peenemünde Museum The Foundation presents with their level of information
                          about 1300 persons
10.11.2007        Anklamer Friedenwald - Day. On the initiative of the Foundation plant many Anklamer Citizens
                          and organizations 200 trees and 1,000 shrubs to Climate improvement and beautification
                          of the city. This is supported Project by the North German Foundation for Environment and
                          Development (NUE) and many private donors.
07.-09.12.2007   Information booth of the Christmas market in Anklam, St. Nicholas Church
27.01.2008        On the occasion of Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism
                          Mrs. Sylvia Bretschneider (MP), visits the former NS-Wehrmacht prison. Framed by
                           the Anklam boys' choir and the music school Anklam.
02.04.2008        Meeting of the Association for Political Culture e. V. in cooperation with the State Agency for Civic Education                           Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Presentation of the film NDR "Since it is rather quiet - On the right
                          side of the Republic" followed by discussion
                          Moderator: Michael Seidel, deputy editor of the Nordkurier
                          Podium:   Dr. Barbara Syrbe, Landrätin OVP
                          Jochen Schmidt, State Office for Political Education MV
                          Astrid Geisler, Editor of taz
                          Benjamin Fischer, Political scientist and journalist
11.04.2008        "No more war for oil - energy from ocean waves" a presentation by graduate engineer Gerhard Brandl                           followed by discussion with Dr. sc. nat. Gert Blumenthal, a specialist in renewable energy
26.04.2008        Conference of the Left. M-V Forum "Strengthen democracy and tolerance together" participants:
                          Petra Pau Vice President of the Bundestag, the Left. M-V Prof. Hubertus Buchstein - EMA
                          University of Greifswald Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Methling-president of DIE LINKE. M-V
                          Peter Ritter - Regional Chairman DIE LINKE: M-V Dr. Barbara Syrbe - Landrätin OVP
                          Thomas Niehoff - Journalist
09.05.2008        Visit of a Swiss delegation in the former NS-Wehrmacht prison Anklam
24.05.2008        3th Anklamer Peace day, former NS-Wehrmacht prison Anklam Ecumenical Service of the
                          Churches of the City of Anklam Meeting with all the peace groups from MV; Die Linke, SPD,
                          witness Subsequently, screening of the movie "Lions for Lambs" (feature film drama about
                          two Volunteers in Afghanistan) with a panel discussion with the following participants:
                          `Dr. Andre Brie, member of the European Parliament of the Left Hans-Jürgen Abromeit,
                          Bishop of the Pomeranian Evangelical Church Sigrun Reese, FDP Landtag Cornelia Mannewitz,
                          Rostock Peace Alliance
21.06.2008        Weekend in Anklamer Friedenwald
09.08.2008        "Swing Kids" Ostracized Music under the Nazi regime Jazz concert with the Blue Beans Big Band Jena
                          in the former NS-Wehrmacht prison
12.08.2008        Visiting Member of the Bundestag Dr. Dagmar Enkelman
01.09.2008        World Day of Peace, former NS-Wehrmacht prison Anklam Müller-Mozart and Mendelssohn
                          Hamlet Machine Music with a free play group Conceived and directed by Piet Oltmanns
                          Anklam and the Boys Choir under the direction of Mike Hartmann with the support of the
                          Western Pomeranian Landesbühne Anklam
18.09.2008        Event of Lions Clubs Anklam, Usedom, Wolgast
04.10.2008        Representatives of the Sister Cities visit the former Wehrmacht prison Anklam


in the Center for Peace Work Hanseatic City - Otto Lilienthal - Anklam

"What a world we could build if we constituted the forces that unleashed a war for the construction. A tenth of the energies that have consumed the warring nations would be enough to give people of all countries to arrange a decent life and to prevent the catastrophe of unemployment in the world. "
Albert Einstein, 1932


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We thank you for visiting us, because we need to do something, need to understand, reflect, act. Peace is not just something. Pacifists for a few, for the Christmas Eve, for good intentions, for morality. Disarmament and Peace in the 21st Century has become a matter of survival for our civilization. The world can no longer afford wars. One in five people can not read and write, one in four is hungry. The goal to halve the number of undernourished people by 2015 will not be achieved. In addition, the poverty in the Third World creates opposition. This lump sum dismiss the word terrorism is wrong. The risk of infections on the world rises and the civilization-threatening climate change caused by humans is in full swing. 60% of the world's ecosystems are degraded and abrupt collapse of ecosystems but also a worldwide energy crisis are now no longer be excluded.

It says war is the father of all things. That may once have been. Today this is no longer true but war and arms are the end of all things. Without tolerance, disarmament and control of the international arms trade, there is no future for our planet.

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Oak commemorating the execution of soldiers in the NS-Wehrmacht prison.
  Memorial stones at the old cemetery
Forest for peace and against climate change in Anklam

A monument in the Peace Center
Information about the former NS - Wehrmacht prison Anklam

The NS-Wehrmacht prison Anklam was during the Second World War one of the seven central jails of the "Wehrmacht" on the so - called "home territory". During this time, several thousand members of the "Wehrmacht" have been detained. Besides criminal offenses countless members of the Wehrmacht came to the Anklamer prison for desertion, absence without leave, and military morale. So far it is known that 134 soldiers and officers were executed in Anklam, mostly for desertion. They wanted to escape for very different reasons the further use of criminal war aims of the Nazis. During the Second World War, there were approximately 1,000 courts-martial, of which an estimated 30,000 death sentences were passed, of which 20,000 were executed. In comparison, during the First World War, the German "Militarjustiz" let execute 48 death sentences. Permeated by Nazi racial and biological ideas, full of blind devotion to duty, the Nazi military judges were active tools of fascist terror. As the war progressed less and less on their sentences were convicted in the Wehrmacht prisons. From here, the transports went into the infamous probation and criminal units, mostly on the Eastern Front. Life-threatening, harassment, minimal food and lack of medical care were part of the everyday life of the "other soldiers".