January 1934             Reintroduction of military justice on 1. October 1936, the NS-Military Court in Berlin starts working
March 1935               Reintroduction of conscription
August 1939              Special War Criminal Regulation (KSSVO) enters into force, aggravated the penalties and expands                                   penalties, desertion and the newly introduced offense "demoralizing" are considered
                                  political crime
1939 / 40                   Structural completion of the Wehrmacht prison Anklam, its capacity is calculated at about
                                  600 prisoners. In the basement there is the death row with 19 cells
5 November 1941     The first three soldiers has been executed
1942                          According to the criminal enforcement plan, the WG Anklam destination for convicts
                                  from the military districts I, II and XX (Mecklenburg, Pomerania,
                                  West and East Prussia), the Luftgauen I and XI, the Baltic Sea area the Navy,
                                  the areas of Army Group North, the Army Commander-in-Ostland
                                  and the occupied Scandinavian countries
1942                          The WG Anklam maintains Wehrmacht prisoners departments
                                  (labor External commands) in Clauen in Hannover, Bernau, Fallingsbostel
                                  (north of Hannover) and Peenemünde
1942                          Commencement of the installation of "field convicts departments" (FGA) for
                                  the Eastern Front. In the FGA Anklam 3, 8, 11 and 14 are positioned
                                  and likely replenished continuously.
August/Sept.1944      from the WG Anklam come several hundred prisoners in the Sonderformation Dirlewanger for the                                  suppression of the Warsaw uprising
26. April 1945           The last two executions take place in Anklam
28. April 1945           Security guards and the few remaining prisoners marching towards West and are arrested
                                  by the Red Army
1945 - 1990               Death cells are sites of memory, the rest grain storage
1990 - 2005               no use
2005                          the Foundation Center for Peace Work - Otto Lilienthal - Anklam takes over the building
                                  More detailed information can be found in the brochure "Das ehemalige
                                  Wehrmachtsgefängnis Anklam by U. Schulz and Stephan Tanneberger 2012
Call for donations

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends

allow us to ask you for support of our Center for Peace Work - with a donation. Of course, we know well that we are not the only ones who need donations and we know how much suffering is in the world. One in five people can not read and write, one in four is hungry. Homeless children, the elderly, the sick need a helping hand. We ask you to help these people. But we believe that your donation not only benefits others but also you personally.

Our world does not look good. And human suffering is not all. Climate disasters, an energy crisis, the extinction of thousands of species every year threaten our civilization and no, neither rich nor poor, can protect against these threats. If we do not control diseases such as cancer, AIDS, when previously unknown deadly virus infect us, no one is spared. If the Gulf Stream changes its direction, great risks will be for many in many parts of the world. To do something about the suffering for survival, requires measures, research costs money. We have not, it is said. But we did it anyway. 2.000 billion $ spent the world every year for the production of ever new weapons and for wars. Means that we need to relieve distress, to protect our world. Is not that a lethal contradiction of our civilization?

And it is with this contradiction we going to do in Anklam. We have joined us in the sense of the legacy of Albert Einstein to work for peace in the world, because peace is a prerequisite to solve all the problems that the people oppress and for which dedicated people and their organizations at the collect donations throughout the world. Without peace in the world human suffering will increase and without peace our civilization has no chance.
We have reminded us that the great son of this city, Otto Lilienthal, who gave his life that people should learn to fly, to live together in peace. But also remember that in this city at the end of the worst of all wars young people were executed because they refused to join the war. To preserve their legacy by maintaining the buildings of the military prison and the former military school is a challenge and an order.
"Peace between man and nature" is written on our door. For this we want to work in Anklam. That means meetings on peace and not of promotion of war. It means to play with the computer videos without violence for young people, anti-war films, discussions with peace researchers with celebrities. We are an open door for youth groups, whether environmentalists or church groups, that is, art for peace, peace journalism, peace research.
Together with many and the service of all, we want to make a real contribution to peace in the world. We see this as the only chance to meet the growing suffering of humanity and the risks for the future.

Every small donation will help us to make our contribution. Ranks you accordingly your options, please pay us a donation to the Foundation's account. Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt when you leave your address on the transfer or in our office. Thank you very much for your contribution and look forward to welcoming you to our events.
Would you like to support the Foundation with a donation just like that? No problem! - You like to transfer an amount of your choice to the following account:

Name: Foundation Center for Peace Work - Otto Lilienthal - Anklam
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Do you need a receipt, so please indicate on the referral and your full address!
Our address: Stiftung Zentrum für Friedensarbeit - Otto Lilienthal - Anklam

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Internet: www.friedenszentrum-anklam.de
Anklam forest for Peace: The start has been made

Prof. Dr. Stephan Tanneberger,
Center for Peace Work Otto Lilienthal Anklam

1 WHY a forest for peace in Anklam?

The four reports published on 02/02/2007 from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was created by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, notes a number of changes in the climate system of the Earth.
The public response to these well-evidenced facts is very different, ranging from horror scenarios up to ironic, skeptical or disconcerting ignorance. Both is wrong. Correct is to do what is always done when danger threatens, namely, to think and to act preventively. In contrast, nothing to do in the face of personal or societal risks can have serious consequences This applies to climate change far more than for traffic hazards, epidemics or tobacco harm. However, speedcontrol, vaccinations or smoking protection we practice with high costs at a much lower risk than the civilization climate change. The measures against bird flu are the most convincing example of preventive thinking in recent years. Even drastic measure, detrimental to tourism and small livestock were rigorously enforced.

On climate change, everything else runs so far. The answer to the world was hesitant for a long time. Politics and the economy failed. The Kyoto Protocol was not signed in 2001 by the world's leading power, USA, which is the main cause of climate change at the same time. Gigantic military budgets block the way to reasonable steps to reduce carbon-loading of the atmosphere. Conferences such as the EU summit in March 2007 must demonstrate that will set in motion except verbal assurances that measures measurable change only slightly.

In contrast to the widespread failure of those responsible, there is a growing extra-parliamentary movement for world climate. At the tip, the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore made. Of crucial importance was the call of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, at the UN Climate Conference in November 2006 in Nairobi to plant a billion trees. The Foundation Center for Peace Work-Otto Lilienthal Anklam feels since its inception in 2005 with its motto "For peace between people and nature" of the relationship between peace and environmental protection required. Accordingly, it was of course, the initiative join of Wangari Maathai.

WHAT has happened so far in Anklam?

The initiative for peace forest found much support in the city of Anklam. These have understood that no more time is given to verbal and time-consuming discussions on climate change, but that it depends on rapid and effective action when a climate collapse should be prevented. It was understood that the urgent call of Wangari Maathai is not a call for the next decade, but for 2007.

168 people spontaneously have also committed to support the project forest for peace and against climate change with internal activities of various kinds. Nearly 60 people have donated a tree. That alone would have been insufficient to realize the project. Succeeded by the generous support of the North German Foundation for Environment and Development (NUE), which made a grant of income of bingo lottery environment possible. A donation by the club to promote employment initiatives e. V, Strasbourg was an other great help.
After careful preparation were on 10/11/2007 by numerous volunteers with shovels and a lot of goodwill, among them the former Environment Minister of MV, Prof. Wolfgang Methling and the city's mayor, Michael Galander, planted over 200 trees. The necessary expertise and the necessary machinery was secured in a voluntary capacity by city forester Behrends and his staff, as well as the construction GALA Hagemann Anklam.

The initiative was included in the official record of the campaign "Plant for the Planet" by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
(www.unep.org / billiontreecampaign <http://www.unep.org/billiontreecampaign>). There is no doubt that Anklam, as the first and now, the only town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with a forest of peace, is gaining in profile as a city of peace. Anklam is to give an example of how a city issues of our time and is also more attractive to tourists.

Friedensschule Monte Sole, Marzobotto/Bologna, Italien

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)


Politische Memoriale e.V. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Grafik + Design - Schule Greifswald

Lilienthal-Gymnasium Anklam

Lions Club Anklam

Lions Club Usedom

Rotary Club Anklam

Rotary Club Usedom

Pfadfinder Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Gedenkstätte Golm

Internet - Plattform "Weltbeweger"

Links to our partners

We about us

The greatest challenge or the 21st Century is to consider peace in the world not only as a moral issue, but as a basis for the further existence of our civilization. In the same spirit, the protection of nature has become a question of survival of our planet. Without peace and protection of nature is there for anyone, rich or poor, a chance for the future. The factual information of citizens and the consistent education, especially of young people in terms of these two basic values of our civilization is the goal of our work. The participation in science-based, right political decisions within the meaning of arms control, we consider as a duty and a challenge.

Initiatives of this kind can be organized especially successful where there is in this respect historical reference points and a landscape worthy of protection. The Hanseatic city of Anklam can refer to both. Right next to the 1896-built former Prussian military school, is the former Wehrmacht prison, where from 1940 to 1945 according to the present document 134 Army personnel were executed. But the real figure is probably much higher.
It is likely that in the Wehrmacht prison Anklam excess of 15,000 Wehrmacht Sange-hearing detention, sentence has been served, in preparation for the field in prison probation units or transfer were imprisoned in Emsland camps and concentration camps.

These sites have a significant historical value for the past in Germany and the international peace movement. Other hand, in the adjacent Peene-Delta and on the island of Usedom nationally recognized nature conservation projects to preserve its unique flora and fauna.

But Anklam is also the city of Otto Lilienthal, who not only a world famous aviation pioneer
but also one of the great engineer, was the early to the connection between
has pointed out technical development and necessity of peace struggle.

By no means least, Anklam is characterized for such an initiative by its geographical location near the Polish border. At this boundary, the second began World War and until today the wounds of past German-Polish conflict are not fully healed. With a project "Peace between people and with nature" can provide valuable steps to further reconciliation between the two peoples in the spirit of Europe, but also for the protection of the common border nature parks to be done.

Of all starting at the initiative of personalities of national and international public as well as of the county East Pomerania, and the city of Anklam, such as:
District Administrator Dr. Syrbe, Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanneberger, Dr. Waßermann, mayor and citizens Galander head Lehrkamp, Prof. Succow, Prof. Kummert, Prof. Enderlein, inter alia, on 05/01/2005 the establishment of the Foundation "Center for Peace Work - Otto Lilienthal - Hanseatic City of Anklam" decided. Meanwhile, the Foundation has, thanks to the generosity of many donors, the necessary endowment.

The process of creation of the foundation succeeded in close and constant cooperation with the Monte Sole Peace School Marzobotto / Bologna in Italy and its President Prof. Vittorio Prodi (Member of the European Parliament).

Foundation Board                         Board of Trustees

as Chairman                                  Dr. Barbara Syrbe   chairman
Prof. Dr. Dr. Stephan Tanneberger

as members                               Horst Kleinhardt
Michael Galander                      Susanne Bluhm
Uwe Ulrich Schulz                     Jan Schäfer-Röhrig
                                                 Holger Meyer
                                                 Dieter Neuhaus
                                                 Eckhard Schröder
                                                 Dr. Joachim Nelles